Hitachi VFD for OneFinity CNC

I recently upgraded my spindle to a 2.2kw 80mm spindle and a new VFD. I chose the Hitachi WJ200-022SF for the VFD. My main reason for choosing this model is to take advantage of Sensorless Vector Control - a means to get greater torque at lower speeds. This isn’t available on the cheaper HY VFDs that are common on eBay and Amazon.

Picked up the VFD here:WJ200-022SF 3HP 2.2kW 230V Single Phase Input VFD - Hitachi

The manual for the VFD is much better than the HY ones - but there are not as many youtube videos that walk through the setup. Fortunately going through a HY install on my first spindle made the 2nd one a lot easier.

Here are the main settings I had to adjust for my setup:

  1. B031 = 10 (to access all menus)
  2. A001 - 03 = ModBus network
  3. A002 - 03 = ModBus Network run control
  4. A004 - 400 (max hz)
  5. A003 - 400 (base freq)
  6. A082 - 220V (motor volts)
  7. B012 - Current limit (7.6a for my motor)
  8. B083 - 10kz Carrier Freq
  9. B165 - 00 (Trip on control loss)
  10. H003 - 2.2 (capacity)
  11. H004 - 2 (poles)

To set up the SVC, the VFD will auto-tune itself if you follow these steps:

  1. A044 - 3 (SVC)
  2. H001 - enable auto-tuning
  3. Hit run, and it will auto-tune, showing "0" when completed
  4. H002 - 2 Activate SVC tuning

Setting up RS485 to the OneFinity was fairly easy, used the following:

ModBus Wiring:

  1. RS+ - sp

  2. RS- - SN

  3. C096 - 00 (Modbus-RTU)

  4. C071 - 05 (9600 bps)

  5. C072 - 1 (address)

  6. C074 - parity

  7. C075 - stop bit

  8. C076 - error select (02 disable)

  9. C077 - error time-out (0.00)

  10. C078 Communication wait time (0)

Then, the OneFinity doesn’t list “Hitachi” as a VFD option - but the Omron MX2 is actually a re-badged Hitachi, so its setup worked. Here are the 1F settings:

Here are a few pictures of the wiring of the VFD: