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Hitachi VFD for OneFinity CNC

Aug 24, 2021

After retiring, one of my “new technology” investments was to pick up a CNC machine. Woodworking is a hobby of mine, and a CNC machine was an opportunity to combine technology with my hobby. The Onefinity CNC is a new manufacturer in this space, and I found their product the most compelling during my search for a hobbyist-level machine.

I wanted to upgrade from Onefinity’s standard option for a cutting device - the Makita 1HP router. Even though the Makita router would have likely been just fine for my needs - the opportunity to have finer control over the router was appealing.

When researching which spindle to purchase, I first looked at the Haunyang (HY) spindle/VFD options. These are by far the most common choices - they work, and they are cheap. I ran across the Hitachi WJ200-022SF for the VFD when looking to see if anything better was available. My main reason for considering this model was to take advantage of Sensorless Vector Control - a means to get greater torque at lower speeds. The cheaper HY VFDs do not have this feature.

I purchased the VFD here: WJ200-022SF 3HP 2.2kW 230V Single Phase Input VFD - Hitachi. I purchased my 2.2kW spindle from a USA-based supplier: 2.2kW air-cooled spindle.

The Hitachi VFD manual is much better than the HY ones - but there are not as many youtube videos that walk through the setup. Fortunately, I had previously set up an HY spindle, which made the 2nd one a lot easier.

Here are the main VFD settings I had to adjust for my setup:

Setting up RS485 to the OneFinity was fairly easy; I used the following: ModBus settings:

Then, the OneFinity doesn’t list “Hitachi” as a VFD option - but the Omron MX2 is a re-badged Hitachi, so its setup worked. Here are the 1F settings:

Here are a few pictures of the VFD wiring:

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